Paideia Learning Model



Paideia Academy provides a “whole-child” learning experience – Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – to empower students to achieve success in college, career, citizenship, and family life.

An important end to the Paideia school is the development of intellectual skills – skills of learning by means of reading, writing, speaking, listening, calculating, problem-solving, observing, measuring, estimating and exercising critical judgement. These skills are the ones everyone needs in order to learn anything, in school or elsewhere. The Paideia Academy uses the following methods to accomplish the end-in-mind goal of intellectual development within the scholar – didactic instruction, intellectual coaching, and Paideia seminar.

To understand the Paideia model more deeply, we recommend you obtain and study “The Paideia Program: An educational syllabus” by Mortimer J. Adler.