Parent/Scholar Handbook 2017-2018


This document has been developed to familiarize parents (to include all adults raising Paideia scholars – e.g., mothers and fathers, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and foster care providers), scholars, and community members with The Paideia Academy South Phoenix and provide information about learning conditions, key policies, and procedures at Paideia Academy South Phoenix.


Welcome to Paideia Academy South Phoenix campus!

All of us take great pride in being part of the education of the young scholars in our school. Our role involves many important responsibilities and requires a dedication to high standards of quality and efficiency. We believe that today’s challenges in education demand learning and leadership at all levels of the school. We are committed to developing a community of learners and leaders and believe that achieving success depends on every member of our staff, along with the families of our scholars. We encourage individual initiative and collaborative creation which supports the overall team effort.

This handbook has been prepared to acquaint you with The Paideia Academies and help you know what is expected of you in our collaborative efforts to educate the whole child. You will find information on the school’s policies, guidelines, and standards, and other matters important for the success of our school. This handbook should serve as a useful guide for you now and in the future. Of course, no handbook can anticipate all of your questions or concerns. Your child’s teacher, Small Learning Community leader, Curriculum Director, Principal, Assistant Principal, Executive Director, and other administrative staff are always ready to answer questions you may have about the school, its policies, and procedures.

Since this handbook is intended to provide an overview of information, which will be useful to you as a member of our learning community, it does not include detailed information on all school policies and procedures. You should consult the principal if further clarification is needed. The Paideia Academy leadership team is committed to reviewing policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. The policies and procedures outlined in this handbook are subject to review, interpretation, modification, amendment and change by the administration at any time.

We are pleased to have you with us and hope you will find your experience at the school highly rewarding. Thank you, for your allowing us to serve your family in the upbringing of the whole child.


Governing Board


Shared Moral Purpose

Paideia (py-dee-uh) from the Greek pais, paidos: empowering the whole person – body, mind, heart, spirit – through education.

School Mission

Mission: Paideia (py-dee-uh) from the Greek pais, paidos, the upbringing of the whole child. Paideia Academy utilizes a family-centric model to educate the whole child – body, mind, heart, spirit – to empower scholars to achieve success in college, career, citizenship, and family life.

Paideia Scholar Mission Statement

I am a Paideia Scholar:

I am proactive by taking responsibility for my life and making good choices.

I begin with the end in mind by defining my mission and goals in life.

I put first things first by spending my time on things that matter most.

I have a win/win attitude by seeking solutions where everyone can win.

I seek first to understand, then to be understood by listening to other people’s ideas and feelings.

I synergize by working together to achieve more.

I sharpen the saw by regularly renewing my mind, heart, body, and spirit.

As a Paideia scholar I am here to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.

I am a Paideia scholar!