80 Days to AZmerit test!

On a Daily Basis – Boost your scholar’s confidence

There are a number of ways that you can maximize your scholar’s learning capabilities throughout the school year, which can lead to confident test-taking. Some of these strategies include:

  • Assist your scholar with homework and ensure that your scholar is completing all homework assignments
  • Help her to develop good study habits, thinking skills, and a positive attitude towards education from an early age
  • Ensure that your scholar has good attendance at school
  • Stay in communication with your scholar’s teacher. Email addresses at Paideia follows this pattern “first initial lastname@paideiamail.com”
  • Encourage your scholar to read as much as possible, and to increase her vocabulary – even reading magazines, newspapers, and comic books regularly will help improve her reading skills
  • Look for educational games and programs that engage your scholar
  • Help your scholar learn how to follow directions carefully (Dietel, 2008; IRA (2002); Narang, 2008).

Finally, remember that standardized tests and grading systems are not perfect; each format has its own limitations. As you help your scholar do her best on the tests she takes and in all of her schoolwork, also remind her that testing is just one part of her education. With your support and involvement, she will be well on her way to her own bright future.

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