Paideia Whole-person Four-Dimensional Paradigm

Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

The fundamental reality parents and educators need to learn about educating our children is that they are not things needing to be motivated, controlled, coerced, badgered, bribed or cajoled; they are four dimensional – body, mind, heart and spirit. The cry from the child is, “treat me fairly, treat me kindly, use me creatively and inspire me into greater ‘principle-centered’ service.”

In the whole-person paradigm, if we neglect any one of the four parts of human nature we turn the person into a thing to be managed in a carrot-and-stick fashion of motivation. To inspire the child to find her or his own voice we must equally address all four parts of the child – body, mind, heart, spirit.

The following table outlines the four parts of the Paideia whole-person paradigm. As you study this table and the following graphic begin to change your own paradigm to become a whole-child parent, teacher and leader. If you want to learn more about the whole-person paradigm study Steven Covey’s book, “The 8th Habit: From effectiveness to Greatness”.

Whole Person Table

Empower the Whole-Child Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – through education.

Lifelong learning, good citizenship, solid careers, and healthy families…