Academy – Educating the Whole Person

Educating the Whole Child

Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

Educating the whole child – body, mind, heart, spirit – is a concept that we fully embrace. Paideia (py-dee-uh) from the Greek pais, paidos: the upbringing of the whole child. Paideia Academies creates a community within the school to support families in the upbringing of the whole child and to empower students to achieve success in college, career, citizenship, and family life.

Paideia Pillars
We follow six tenets called the Paideia Pillars of Whole-Child Education. These pillars are specifically designed to create a solid foundation and student-centered learning environment to produce a well rounded, complete, educational experience that addresses the specific needs of each child. Some schools focus on test scores and “curriculum-in-a-box” solutions to education, we chose instead to reject ineffective teacher-centered approaches that fail to address the needs of many students.

Broadly and Deeply
We provide our students an opportunity to learn broadly and deeply. We have gathered together sound, proven curriculum programs that combine classical learning with the best of innovative technology, ingenuity and methodology, giving our students premium access to the best education across all disciplines. Students are required to gain a deep understanding of core educational study areas in mathematics, the sciences, language arts, and social studies. But without forgetting a need for a broad educational and social base, Paideia Academy students are instilled with values, leadership skills, critical thinking ability, goals, skills, character traits, and the ability to think independently, reason, and communicate clearly to best prepare them for whatever lies ahead of them in life.

Preparing a child to pass a test may get them into college. Preparing a child to think, learn, make decisions, and understand the world around them will prepare them to succeed in college, careers, families, communities – and in life. Learn more about our learning model →

Empower the Whole-Child Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – through education.

Lifelong learning, good citizenship, solid careers, and healthy families…