Summer Reading List – Requirement

Research shows that students who read over the summer come back to school more prepared to be successful in the next grade level. We recommend many literacy activities such as visiting the library, starting a family book club, and holding your scholar accountable for reading throughout the summer. Paideia Academy has a summer reading list that includes a list of books that we would like your scholar to read in preparation for the next grade level. Please find your scholar’s grade level reading list by scrolling down and finding the appropriate heading. Read the directions under your scholar’s reading list for meeting our summer reading expectations. You can find these books at the local library, online, or in any bookstore. Happy Summer Reading!

Paideia Summer Reading requirement: 6 books at or above your scholar’s Lexile or grade level. Scholars are required to complete a book report for each of the 6 books (sample book reports are attached). These book reports are turned in during the first week of school.

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