Putting the Habits into Practice



Paideia Academy

The 7 Habits – Paradigms, Principles and Practices


Habits Basic Definitions / Paradigms Principles Practices
1.      Be Proactive You’re in Charge /


Responsibility, Initiative ·         Pause and respond based on principles and desired results.

·         Use proactive language

·         Focus on your Circle of Influence.

·         Become a Transition Person.

2.      Begin With the End in Mind Have a Plan /

Two Creations, Focus

Vision, Values ·         Define outcomes before you act.

·         Create and live by a Personal Mission Statement.

3.      Put First Things First Work First, Then Play /

Priority, Action

Integrity, Execution ·         Focus on your highest priorities.

·         Eliminate the unimportant.

·         Plan every week.

·         Stay true in the moment of choice.

4.      Think Win-Win Everyone Can Win /

Abundance Mentality

Mutual Respect and Benefit ·         Build your Emotional Bank Account with others.

·         Have an Abundance Attitude.

·         Balance courage and consideration.

·         Consider other people’s wins as well as your own.

·         Create Win-Win Agreements.

5.      Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood


Listen with your ears, eyes, heart /

Consideration, Courage

Mutual Understanding ·         Practice Empathic Listening.

·         Listen for ideas and feelings.

·         Respectfully seek to be understood.

6.      Synergize Together is Better /

Value Differences

Creative Cooperation ·         Value differences.

·         Seek 3rd Alternatives.

7.      Sharpen the Saw Balance Feels Best /

Whole Person – Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

Renewal ·         Achieve the Daily Private Victory.