Scholar Mission Statement

Every morning the Paideia community meets together for morning assembly. We begin by reciting our Scholar Mission Statement:

“I am a Paideia Scholar:

I am proactive by taking responsibility for my life and making good choices.

I begin with the end in mind by defining my mission and goals in life.

I put first things first by spending my time on things that matter most.

I have a win/win attitude by seeking solutions where everyone can win.

I seek first to understand, then to be understood by listening to other people’s ideas and feelings.

I synergize by working together to achieve more.

I sharpen the saw by regularly renewing my mind, heart, body, and spirit.

As a Paideia scholar I am here to live, to love, to learn, and to leave a legacy.

I am a Paideia scholar!”

Some have asked what the last part of our scholar mission statement means. Here’s a quick explanation. Let your imagination take it from there!

To Live – To Learn – To Love – To Leave a Legacy

Our students must engage in work that rises out of a great need in the world, fuels their passion, taps into their talents, and deepens their conscience to do what is right.

Whole Person4 Needs4 Intelligences / Capacities4 AttributesVoice
BodyTo LivePhysical IntelligenceDisciplineNeed
HeartTo LoveEmotional IntelligencePassionPassion (Love to do)
MindTo LearnMental IntelligenceVisionTalent (Disciplined focus)
SpiritTo Leave a LegacySpiritual IntelligenceConscienceConscience (Do what’s right)

The four questions:

    1. What need do I sense in my family, in my community, and the world?
    2. Does the opportunity to meet the need tap into my passion?
    3. Do I possess a true talent that, if disciplined and applied, can meet the need?
    4. Does my conscience inspire me to take action and become involved?

Empower the Whole-Child Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – through education.

Lifelong learning, good citizenship, solid careers, and healthy families…