Announcing the Paideia / Valle Del Sol Partnership

Empower the Whole Child / Support the Whole Family

A central part of the Paideia mission and vision is to create a community where families are supported.  This is the reason for the Family Resource Center. It has been a top priority to partner with a community agency with expertise in family health and wellness. The search has been long and difficult!  During our “breakfast with Dr. Winsor” one of our parents, Lynne Emmons, announced that she is an executive leader with just such an agency – Valle Del Sol. Over the past 2 weeks, Dr. Winsor has met and communicated with the executive leadership members of Valle Del Sol to explore an active partnership to serve the scholars and families of Paideia. We are happy to announce that this partnership is approved and we will welcome Valle Del Sol into the Paideia family for the coming school year!

Services Offered

Valle del SolStaff of Valle Del Sol will work closely with the teachers and leadership of Paideia in training us to identify scholars who might need extra mental or behavioral health assistance. We will also work closely with the Family Lighthouse Committee to spread the word to all our families about what resources are now available through the Paideia Family Resource Center.

Staff of Valle Del Sol will be available at the new scholar orientation day on July 31st as well as back to school night on August 2nd.

Please click on the link to review the services provided by our new partner, Valle Del Sol!