Arizona Teacher Strike – The Paideia Position

Dear Paideia families,

As you are all aware, the teachers from the Arizona Education Association teacher’s union and a small grass-roots group calling themselves Arizona Educators United voted to initiate a teacher strike on Thursday April 26th.  They are unsure how long the strike will run.

As the president and founder of Paideia Academies, Inc. I respect our teacher’s right to strike. I’ve asked them, if they choose to strike, to let me know well in advance so that those who remain at school (administrators, office staff, food service staff, playground staff etc.) can make adjustments to accommodate the scholars. I’ve heard from several that they do not choose to strike. I haven’t heard from any who are choosing to strike.

The Paideia Position: 

I’ve given this a lot of thought and quiet contemplation. I made a commitment to the families of Paideia to hold school until May 31st.  I will do everything I can to keep that commitment. Paideia Academy will stay open.


Striking is not the only way to make your political voice heard.  Your voice is found in your vote.

Doug Ducey is up for reelection this fall.

Here is his website

From this site you can send him an email regarding your opinion of teacher raises and educational funding.

Here are the representatives for district 7 and 27 surrounding Paideia.

Click on this link to find their names and email.

State Senate:

Catherine Miranda

Jamescita Peshlakai

State Congress:

Wenona Benally

Reginald Bolding

Eric Descheenie

Rebecca Rios – minority leader


If you do not reside in district 7 or 27 contact your state representative.

If you are unsure who they are, the following link will guide you in finding out which district you are in.

Once you know which district you are in, click on this link. to find out who your representatives are.

Click on Senate Roster to find your senator and the House Roster to find you legislator.

Scroll down to locate your representative. Click on the email link and send them a message regarding your opinion of teacher raises and educational funding.

In conclusion. I support teacher’s right to strike. However, I made a commitment that I do not take lightly to hold school until May 31st and I intend to keep that commitment.


Thank you for your allowing Paideia to serve your scholars!


Dr. Brian Winsor

President/Executive Director

Paideia Academies, Inc.


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