Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center

Paideia Academy and Valle Del Sol

Supporting the Whole Family

Paideia Academy has partnered with Valle Del Sol to provide family services to our scholar families through the Family Resource Center!

Valle del SolThe Paideia Academy’s mission is to empower the whole person – body, mind, heart, spirit – to help students to achieve success in college, career, citizenship, and family life. To achieve this goal Paideia recognizes the need to collaborate with and support the whole family. For this reason, Paideia has partnered with Valle Del Sol to provide an array of family and youth services.

The family resource center at each Paideia campus provides resources, training, support, and programs that promotes family wellness. Every aspect of our student’s lives, both inside an outside of a school setting, plays an important role in the student’s ability, willingness, and opportunity to learn and grow.

Our family resource center includes programs to support the educational, character and leadership, recreational, cultural, physical, and mental health of the family. These programs are designed to include the entire family.

Each Paideia Family Resource Center is committed to the following:

  1. A commitment to high quality facilities, materials, services, and personnel.
  2. A commitment to comprehensive, sustained community engagement to ensure the development of partnerships responsive to the school and community’s shared vision for the school as the tool to assist families in the upbringing of the whole child.
  3. Partnership networks to increase the Paideia Family Center’s capacity for equitable access to quality services in each area of family need.
  4. High quality education through the Paideia Academy charter school.
  5. High quality preschool education through the Paideia Preschool Academy.
  6. High quality family support through the Paideia Family Resource Center.

Services at Paideia Family Resource Centers fall under the following categories:

  • Family Fitness, Health & Nutrition
  • Family Economics & Financial Education
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective Families

Empower the Whole-Child Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit – through education.

Lifelong learning, good citizenship, solid careers, and healthy families…