Fast and Focused Reaction to Gun on Campus

Dear parents and Paideia community,

An 8th grade boy brought a handgun to school today and showed it to another boy who wanted to take pictures with it. Mr. Perez and Mrs. Rodriguez were notified and within minutes the boys and handgun were in custody. Police arrived quickly and investigated. Two boys were taken into custody and will not return to Paideia.

We assure you that there was no plot to do harm. The handgun was brought to take pictures with no intent to hurt. Even so, we consider this an extreme danger to our scholars and Paideia will act immediately and forcefully to remove such students. All parties found guilty of bringing or handling a weapon on campus will be immediately turned over to law enforcement for prosecution and referred to the Executive Leadership for expulsion.

Ms. Garrison and I met with the 8th grade students to assure them of their safety and ask for their help in the future. We need everyone who knows about or suspects something dangerous on campus to immediately come forward to get help. It would help us if each parent discussed this incident with their scholar to encourage her or him to come forward if they see, hear or suspect something dangerous on campus.

We are so thankful that the Mr. Perez and Mrs. Rodriguez were notified and took swift and focused action for the safety of all.  Thank you to Mr. Perez for his calm and decisive leadership to protect all of our scholars and staff.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or concerns.

Dr. Winsor