Paideia Playground Project – exciting news!

Paideia families!

I have been working on a project to bring more shade to the playgrounds of Paideia.  We are so fortunate to have found a partner in Dr. Jeniffer Vanos of ASU. She and a team of researchers and designers are coming to Paideia over the next few months to conduct research on the impact of sun exposure during recess. Then, she and a team of designers to include parents, teachers and scholars will design a new natural playground for Paideia.

I am so very thankful that Dr. Vanos and ASU are interested in the philosophy of whole-child development that they would conduct this research and help us design healthy, natural play areas for our scholars!

Please watch the video “Catalyst: Hot playgrounds and microclimates” for an introduction to Dr. Vanos and her research project.

Catalyst: Hot playgrounds and microclimates

Here is an example of what we could do.

Dr. Winsor