Season of Giving – Donate to our Teachers

Dear Paideia community,

Every year during the Fall season corporate America gears up to encourage us to spend, spend, spend. It begins with Halloween, drives through Thanksgiving and culminates with billions of dollars spent during Christmas.

Businesses are smart especially during Thanksgiving! During this season of family, food, fun (and football at our house!) corporate America encourages us to:

  • spend more money during Black Friday specials
  • spend more money during Small Business Saturday sales and
  • spend more money during Cyber Monday online madness!

At Paideia we wish to change the paradigm of holiday spending to holiday “Season of Giving”.

Around the world The Tuesday following Thanksgiving has become “Giving Tuesday”. Individuals and families across our country give generously to their favorite charities and non-profits.  We are asking the Paideia community to dig deep and give generously to the worthy cause of education.

The core of educational success is found within the quality of our teachers. The Paideia teachers and interventionists work above and beyond the regular 7:30 am to 3:30 pm eight hour day. Each of them donate countless hours at night, on weekends, holidays and summer months working on lessons, grading assignments and attending training all so our scholars can have a world class education. Unfortunately, the average pay for the teachers in Arizona is approximately $42,000 a year. They are worth so very much more!

During this Season of Giving fundraising campaign Paideia Academy will divide all monies raised equally among our education staff – teachers and interventionists.

Please give generously so that our educators can have a wonderful holiday bonus!

Click on the QR code or weblink to donate.

Season of Giving

Thank you!

Dr. Winsor

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