Summer Camp Opportunity – Camp GRIT

Paideia Academy has partnered with the University of Arizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to provide a unique summer camp opportunity!

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4-H Camp G.R.I.T. is a great opportunity for youth from across Maricopa County to try new things and make great friends!

The word G.R.I.T is an acronym used to define what 4-H camp is all about!
Growing: Camp teaches you new things and helps you grow old skills.
Reaching: Disconnects you from day-to-day life and connects you to a brand new hands-on learning environment.
Impacting: Leaves positive impressions and memories that follow you for the rest of your life.
Tomorrow: Prepares you to tackle any and every challenge you might face tomorrow.

Come be a part of the adventure!

What is 4-H Camp G.R.I.T.?

Held at James 4-H Camp, you’ll have a moment to escape from your reality and get a chance to explore a new adventure. 4-H Camp G.R.I.T. is for four days and three nights this July, 2018!

The goal of 4-H Camp G.R.I.T. is simple: to create lasting memories for years to come. This camp will offer unique experiences, offer the chance to meet new friends, and will teach you a wide variety of new concepts!

At 4-H Camp G.R.I.T. you will have the chance learn how to lead, explore the wilderness, and enjoy amazing activities you might otherwise not have a chance to do!

Are you ready for adventure? 4-H Camp G.R.I.T. is open to all Maricopa County youth ages 9-14 years old!Register now!

Early Bird Registration due March 15th, $225

Late Registration due June 18th, $255