Anani Vasquez

Anani Vasquez

Special Education


Anani Vasquez is a Phoenix native who actually grew up here, in South Phoenix. Her dream was always to become a teacher and come back to teach where she grew up. Paideia has made this dream come true! Mrs. Vasquez received education degrees from Arizona State University and the University of Phoenix. Her main areas of study were English Learners and Special Education, including Gifted Education. She taught 9 years in an inner-city Phoenix school before becoming a stay-at-home mom. During those early teaching years, she taught 3rd grade Dual Language and Special Education Resource K-6. She worked with the District Curriculum Director as a Teacher Coach, training teachers in strategies for Science, Math and second language instruction. Mrs. Vasquez also worked with ASU West and a local Professional Development School, teaching Math Instruction Courses and in supervising college students who were studying to become teachers. Mrs. Vasquez has taught in the Special Education Resource room and in the regular 3rd grade classroom at Paideia Academies. Her deep desire is to provide the kind of instruction that meets each scholar’s individual needs to the best of her ability. Differentiated Instruction is her passion and she is motivated to assist all Paideia educators in meeting the individual needs of every scholar. Ananí M. Vasquez

Personal Mission Statement

Each person is a special gift of life with a purpose to fulfill. Part of my purpose is to seek to understand others so that I can best serve them in a way that will help them achieve their own purpose in life. I serve others with the gifts and talents I was given and out of the great love and grace bestowed upon me. The people and tasks before me, including rest and recreation, deserve my full attention because this present time is a gift to spend wisely. I give priority to growing a healthy mind, body and spirit in order to be the strongest, most confident and most able I can be. The choices I make in life are based on faith and trust in God, who directs my path, and to whom I am constantly thankful. “I am difference maker.”- Need to Breathe