Angela Striggles

Angela Striggles

Art Teacher


Mrs. Striggles is the Art Instructor at Paideia Academy in Phoenix, Arizona. She has over 16 years of Educational experience in grade levels Pre-K through 8th. Mrs. Striggles received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Wayne State University in 2003. She continued her education and also obtained a Masters Degree in the Art of Teaching from Marygrove College in August 2005. Angela Striggles is highly certified through the State of Arizona to teach Art Education (Kindergarten through 12 Grade). In her spare time, Mrs. Striggles also works on her own art which has been displayed in exhibitions in the community. She also enjoys making jewelry and is in the process of writing and illustrating her own children’s books!

Mission Statement:

My mission is to help scholars grow and develop in life with an understanding of who they are and learning respect for themselves as well as others. Each day I will encourage and stimulate their minds to become successful independent critical thinkers. I want each Scholar to gain a sense of growth and accomplishment as artists while also learning and understanding art in different cultures throughout the world. Each day is a day of teaching and learning; with instructors, scholars and parents teamed together, will help to make great future Leaders!