Dr. Brian Winsor

Dr. Brian Winsor


Dr. Brian Winsor, founder of Paideia Academies, has been an educator for nearly 3 decades. He has a bachelor’s degree in education, a master’s degree in special education, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership. He was a junior high school teacher of students with learning disabilities and behavior disorders. He has also been an elementary school principal and consultant for schools on leadership, curriculum, instructional strategies, as well as academic and behavior intervention. He has been married to his best friend and sweetheart for 30 years. He and Micki have 3 boys and 2 girls and 4 granddaughters.

Dr. Winsor’s passion is the whole-person paradigm – body, mind, heart, spirit. He is driven to create and maintain a school of high intellectual thoughtfulness and leadership.

Mission Statement

I am a Paideia Champion!

I champion the cause of whole-child education.

As a champion, I constantly perfect my skills through study, training, coaching and precise practice. I internalize the 8 Habits in my professional and personal life.

As a champion I welcome and expect challenges and obstacles. For, high levels of success never come without high levels of effort. In the face of these challenges, I refuse to weep, complain or grumble in the dark for these are the traits of lesser souls. Instead, I fearlessly greet these challenges as opportunities for greater growth.

As a champion, I band together with my team of champions and together we are strong. As a team of champions we hold each other to the highest standards of whole-child education.

As a champion I am ferociously loyal to our cause and commit to giving my all to accomplishing our mission.

I am a Paideia Champion!