Sam Perez

Sam Perez

Junior Academy Humanities


Ms. Perez received a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the State University at New York in Geneseo. She continued her education at the State University at New York in Oswego and completed a Master’s in Secondary Education. Ms. Perez took her teaching career to Arizona simply to get away from the snow and most close to desert geckos. She has taught middle school and high school English classes and has been an advisor to Student Council and Slam Poetry groups in Arizona.

Ms. Perez has swam for USA Swimming since middle school and continues to swim for a USA Master Team in Tempe, AZ. Swimming has developed her into the teacher she is today having built a foundation of discipline, patience and teamwork.

Mission Statement

When I’m in front of a classroom of scholars, all with their own ideas of truth because of their life’s stories, I know I must maintain my honesty. My scholars know who I am because I let my personality, creativity, patience, and affinity for learning shine through each and every day. I do this because I want them to do the same. I want scholars to be themselves. I want them to explore and ask those hard to answer questions and gain the ability to accept that not every question requires a definitive answer. I want them to make a mess and learn to clean it up and know that it’s completely fine to ask for help.

I believe in the power of storytelling, and not just ones we read in well-bound books; some are scribbled in raps and poems on scrap paper, doodles turned into cognitive responses, strummed in strings and blown through brass. I believe in listening to these stories, appreciating their diversity. I believe in the power of reading, writing, and discussing to better understand and express even the most minuet thoughts.

I can help students find their outlet in their own storytelling. I can help them construct thoughts into words and to let go; as Dr. Seuss would say, wake up their brain cells with a little nonsense. I believe that every single student has the capability of being great in whatever sense they choose. I believe in education for all students where they see themselves in their curriculum and take comfort in learning to create themselves into the people they want to become and trust that their teachers will provide them with guidance.