Summer Brooks

Summer Brooks

Junior Academy English Language Arts

Mission Statement:

“…the fundamental condition of life is the condition of relationship, relationship to oneself and to the surrounding world.” Paulo Freire.

My mission as an educator is to be an agent for fostering the growth of compassionate, conscious and empowered scholars who are grounded with a sense of purpose about their presence in the world. This stems from my core belief that these traits are essential to effectively participate in a society built on democratic ideals and values. I believe these traits are supported and substantiated by the fundamental and parallel skills of listening and reading, speaking and writing, as well as understanding through the creative process of learning. Through the content of Language Arts and Social Studies it is my goal that my scholars expand their intellectual capacity through rigorous and invigorating practice of reading and writing the world through the word. In addition, it is my goal that my scholars discover and actualize the answer to two overarching questions about themselves:

What is the world and who am I in it?

Who am I and what is the world because of me?


“Courage does not always roar.

Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying,

‘I will try again tomorrow.’”

~ Mary Anne Radmacher ~



Ms. Brooks began her educational career in New Mexico where she obtained experience as an educator in a variety of setting and in all content areas from Pre-K-High School. Ms. Brooks recently achieved a Masters of Education from Eastern New Mexico University, with focus in Curriculum and Instruction, Reading and Literacy and Educational Pedagogy. Additionally Ms. Brooks holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education with a double focus in Language Arts, Special Education as well as an additional endorsement in Secondary Education and English and Composition.

Ms. Brooks’ professional experience includes:

-Freelance writer.

-Program facilitator and Research Assistant with the New Mexico Alliance for Children and the ALPHA Effect literacy program.

-Special Education Case Manager and Inclusion teacher 6th-12th grade.

-High School teacher: Hospitality and Tourism, Pre-Algebra for ESL students, General Science and Freshman English.

-English tutor with ENMU-Ruidoso

-ESL tutor with the Lincoln County Literacy Council.

Ms. Brooks enjoys exploring the woods and the world with her children. In her spare time, Ms. Brooks enjoys reading, creative writing, culinary experimentation, dancing and attending open mic nights featuring local poets and musicians.